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Mauao Area Wildlife Trust
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Tauranga 3112

10 February 2016

Buddy Mikaere
Environmental Unit
Ngati Pukenga

Tēnā koe Buddy

The Mauao Area Wildlife Trust is a non for profit conservation organisation managed by trustees with expertise in biology, ecology and environmental management whom work to protect, enhance and improve the native ecosystems of the Mount Maunganui Area. The trust is committed to the advocacy and education of the native flora and fauna and would like the opportunity to have a native species specimen display.
Specimens would be preserved as taxidermy and or skeleton displays and widely utilised for public education during tours, open days, clean up and planting events and at public talks for community organisations. The specimens will be invaluable in the education of the local wildlife and a great advocacy tool to help further promote the work of the trust and the preservation of native fauna species.

The permit we are applying for contains the following species, in which the trust has obtained through either; rescued birds which have not survived or have died of natural causes: kororā/little blue penguin (Eudyptula minor), takahikare/white-faced storm petrel (Pelagodroma marina dulciae), ōi/grey-faced petrel (Pterodroma gouldi) and kōtare/sacred kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus vagans). The trust recognises the cultural significance of fauna belonging to Mauao and wants to ensure a native specimen display does not impact cultural values of local taonga. We request we please be notified of any comments/concerns of our proposal by the 25th February 2016.

The trust would also like to extend an invitation to iwi to participate and give us feedback in any of the work we are doing for the flora and fauna and engagement with the community. Events we run can be found on our Facebook Page under Mauao Area Wildlife Trust.

Thank you for your time and kaitiakitanga.

Nga mihi

Melissa McLuskie

District Plan Change 74 - Coastal Hazards & maps showing Maori land in 'coastal erosion area

Summary message - Any Maori landowners within the blue areas will be restricted as to the number of dwellings they can erect on their land because it is now within the Coastal Hazard zone. You can still make submissions to WBOPDC but needs to happen very quickly.”

From: Tony Clow []
Sent: Monday, 7 December 2015 1:11 p.m.
To: Tauranga Moana Partnership Forum
Subject: District Plan Change 74 - Coastal Hazards & maps showing Maori land in 'coastal erosion area'

Kia ora

A few weeks ago, I presented at the joint Partnership Forum workshop on Plan Change 74 - Coastal Hazards.

The main points of that presentation were:

  - there are a small number of multiple owned Maori titles partially or fully within the existing 100m 'Coastal Erosion Area (Rural)'

  - Plan Change 74 (notified on 3 October) has proposed that any second/third dwellings etc within this 100m area should become prohibited activities to reduce risk to people and those buildings 

  - Plan Change 74 has closed for submissions but is being notified for further submissions (this happened on Saturday – and further submission close next Friday 19 December)

To help you understand which Maori titles are affected, I’ve attached maps for the following locations (showing ‘coastal erosion area’ in red and Maori titles in light blue):

-          Kaituna/Maketu Estuary

-          Maketu

-          Pukehina

-          Otamarakau

The website for Plan Change 74 contains all other information about the Plan Change and instructions on how to make a submission.

Tauranga Moana Tangata Whenua Forum

Report from Buddy Mikaere

I attended this workshop this morning as Pukenga rep – just to report that the forum is looking at getting a better fit of significant sites aspirations and WBOPDC policy. The thought is to look at the Auckland IMSB significant sites policy and adapt that to a Tauranga context. The text of the Auckland document is to be drafted and incorporated into a workshop discussion next time around. The text amendments are to include references to the relevant WBOPDC policy acknowledgements of treaty principles as well as the relevant sections of the RMA where these are applicable.

Tauranga Harbour - Oil Spill


“Earlier this year there was a major oil spill in Tauranga Harbour when the Mobil pumping facility had a structural failure.  The spill was cleaned up but what it highlighted was the need to be more vigilant in exercising our kaitiaki responsibilities for Tauranga Moana. The company has recently made consent applications to replace its previous piping facilities on a non-notified basis. Ngati Pukenga has made it clear to the Regional Council that we are not happy with this lack of notification believing that given the magnitude of the previous failure that the application should be subject to public scrutiny. We have also asked for strict consents around the checking and monitoring of the proposed pumping facilities. We have also asked for a “clean-up” bond to be put in place in the event there are future spills. Lastly we have noted that at no time has the company issued a public apology to the people of Tauranga Moana, Maori and Pakeha, for the earlier discharge. We think this should be the proper starting place for the company to repair its reputation and build a relationship with the community.”

Read the story on HERE

Joint Partnership Forum Workshop – Western Bay of Plenty District Council

12 October 2015

Highlights from yesterday’s Forum workshop included a discussion about assisting iwi/hapu/Trusts to get themselves read to develop Papakainga using the Papakainga toolkit. The Council and TPK have made funding and facilitators available to assist with this work. My thoughts were that there was an intermediate step needed first and that was to find out what our housing needs were and where any such development could take place. That direction needs to come from the iwi. The same goes for a further discussion points which were the development of Treaty Settlement land and funding that has been made available to improve housing quality. I assume this might mean assistance with such things as home insulation.

The workshop also considered a review of financial contributions to Council from the establishment of housing on Multiple-owned Maori land.  It was quite a complicated subject. Happy to run a workshop for Ngati Pukenga on this material if there is sufficient interest.

Buddy Mikaere

Ngati Pukenga Environmental Unit & Regional Council

Meeting - 16 September 2015

The Ngati Pukenga Environmental Unit met recently (16 September) with representatives of the Regional Council to discuss a proposal to undertake maintenance dredging in the Opureora Channel near Matakana. The channel is that used by the Omokoroa ferry and in recent years has been silting up to the point that it will begin to affect the ferry service on which the island community relies.

The Council officers explained how the work was limited in scope, would not affect the horse mussel beds in the facility and that the dredged spoil would be piped to land which is owned by Te Awanui Hukapak.

There being minimal impact from the dredging on the health of Te Awanui – Tauranga Harbour – the Council has been advised that Ngati Pukenga have no issues with the proposal.

Tauranga Bridge Marina

September 2015

Ngati Pukenga Environmental issues representative Buddy Mikaere has signed off on a forthcoming application to undertake maintenance dredging totally within the marina with disposal of the dredgings to the Port’s stock pile on Sulphur Point. Basically this is a renewal of an existing consent and there being no impact on the wider harbour environment Buddy signed off for the iwi on that basis.

Buddy also looked over the stormwater and boat wash down facilities which they have in place to capture water and put it through a settlement tank, sand and carbon sink and finally a crushed mussel shell filter to remove metals. Quite an extensive and sophisticated system to guarantee a clean water discharge back to the harbour.

It was noted that for monitoring water samples in the marina that the marina management take their own samples. Buddy has asked them to change this so that an independent person/organisation took the samples and forwarded them to the laboratory for testing and reporting. The Marina management were happy to do this. It is the same system in place in the other marina at Sulphur Point.